Opera browser got support for spherical VR-video

22 September 2017
In recent years, virtual reality technology is developing rapidly. Many companies are striving to occupy their own niche in the VR sphere. This has led not only to the emergence of new products with support for virtual reality, but also the introduction of support for the relevant technology in existing products. The popular Opera browser is no exception: according to the company's representatives, Opera has become the first browser that supports 360-degree video in virtual reality helmets. This was made possible thanks to the introduction of virtual reality player in the latest version of the program for developers. It is reported that the player supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and other devices compatible with OpenVR.Thanks to the latest innovation, Opera Developer 49 will be able to automatically detect the connected VR-helmet. Then, when playing any video, the browser will display a new button - "View in VR. By clicking on it, the user will be able to enjoy watching a spherical video in their helmet. It will be possible to change the direction simply by turning the head, without using the mouse or keyboard. Interestingly, the new player can be used to view not only spherical videos. The owners of virtual reality helmet will be able to enjoy favorite movies and other videos in 180 degrees, creating the effect of staying in a personal theater. It is reported that the developers Opera does not intend to stop here. In the future, they plan to introduce full support for WebVR. However, it will happen, according to them, when "this standard becomes more mature.