The iPhone XS Max display was named the best among smartphones

26 September 2018
It seems that doubters have another reason to buy the new smartphone from Apple. According to the results of testing by experts from DisplayMate Technologies, the iPhone XS Max display was recognized as the best among smartphones.Experts noted "indistinguishable from the ideal" color reproduction accuracy, high brightness (up to 660 cd/m2) and one of the lowest reflectivity among smartphone displays - 4.7%. Thus, the new iPhone is comfortable to use even in bright light. Also, the experts noted that the pixel density on the smartphone display, equal to 458 ppi, provides maximum image clarity that is visible to the naked eye. Among other things, according to the tests the iPhone Xs Max received the highest rating - A +, as well as DisplayMate Best Smartphone Display Award. Recall that previously the title of smartphone with the best display belonged to the iPhone X. Then, in August of this year, the leader took over Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It seems that the Korean flagship was not destined to retain the advantage.