iPhone XS and XS Max owners complain about poor cellular and Wi-Fi reception

25 September 2018
Sales of the new smartphones iPhone XS and XS Max started only recently, but some lucky owners of new products have already complained about the found problems. This time, we are talking about poor cellular network reception and low Wi-Fi.Even before the launch of sales, it was reported that the new smartphones should run faster than the iPhone X. In practice, however, the iPhone XS and XS Max showed the opposite results. The situation was not saved by the additional antenna, which is placed at the bottom of the smartphone. It is reported that poor reception of cellular networks and Wi-Fi, and as a result, low speed Internet connections, are observed in many users in different regions. In addition, users of the services of different operators have problems, so that the option of faults on the provider's side disappears by itself. We can also exclude the decrease in the quality of signal reception due to Apple's rejection of Qualcomm modems, as modems themselves cannot cause such limitations. Just to remind you that a similar situation occurred in 2010 after the release of iPhone 4. Then, due to the peculiarities of the antenna, the new Apple smartphones lost the signal of the cellular network when touching a certain spot on the body. Many users hope that the so-called "antennagate" will not happen again, and a solution to the problem can be expected with the next iOS update. Whether these hopes are destined to come true, time will tell.