Serious vulnerability found in all versions of Windows

25 September 2018
TrendMicro Security, as part of the Zero Day Initiative, announced the discovery of a new zero-day vulnerability in Windows operating systems. The found flaw could be used by hackers to install viruses and remotely execute malicious code on PCs running all versions of Windows.It is reported that zero-day vulnerability was found in Microsoft Jet database engine. Experts believe that the loophole affects all versions of Windows, including server versions. However, in order for a hacker to exploit the vulnerability he must first find a way to convince the user to run a pre-created .jet file on his device. Only after this procedure would the hacker gain remote access to the victim system. Curiously enough, TrendMicro Security reported its findings to Microsoft four months ago. The company was given 120 days to fix the vulnerability. However, the gap was not closed in the given timeframe and the information was made public. It is worth adding that a corresponding fix is due to be released in the October security update from Microsoft.