Annual Stack Overflow Developer Survey: What's Interesting?

11 April 2019

The Q&A portal for programming has published the data of the annual developer survey. It is being conducted for the ninth time. About 90 000 people took part in the survey.

Such key factors as languages used, target development platforms, highest-paid languages and a number of other parameters were analyzed.

As it turned out, slightly more than half of those who took part in the survey are full-stack developers. Exactly half are back-end developers and only 32.8% are front-end developers.

The vast majority of survey participants said that programming is also a hobby for them. They wrote their first program before the age of 15. Among respondents from Russia this age is 14.5 years.

On the first place on the use of the programming language is JavaScript. This language is used by 67.8% of the respondents. Second on the list are HTML and CSS - 63.5%. SQL is in the bottom three with 54.4%. Python and Java come next at 41.7% and 41.1% respectively.

Ежегодный опрос Stack Overflow среди разработчиков: что интересного?

Linux was named as the target development platform. It was favored by 53.3%. The top three are also Windows and Docker: 50.7 and 31.5%.

The programmers participating in the survey noted their favorite languages: Rust, Python and TypeScript. And their least favorite: VBA, Objective-C and Assembler.

According to data from last year, the most desired language to learn was Python. It is followed by JavaScript and Go.

Самый популярный язык программирования

Among the development environments mentioned were Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, Notepad++, IntelliJ and Vim. If we talk about mobile development, Android Studio is the leader here, followed by Visual Studio Code and Xcode.

The second part of the survey analyzed the highest paid programming languages. Clojure tops the list at $90k. The top three are also F# and Go- at $80k. And Python, in which everyone wants to code so much, is only on the 12th line here. The salaries of developers in this language are $63k.

The Stack Overflow survey says that three quarters of the participants have chosen programming as a full-time job. The rest are freelancers and part-time developers. It is important that at that half of respondents are very satisfied with their career and work and 34 and a small % are just satisfied.

Опрос Stack Overflow среди разработчиков 2019 год

There is an opinion that programming is a certain way of thinking, a lifestyle. The last part of Stacvk Overflow survey proves it approximately: in general, 84% of all respondents are satisfied with their career in programming and development.