Google Assistant is finally available in Russia

30 July 2018
Google introduced its own assistant back in May 2016. Since then, smartphone owners from a number of other countries have been able to try out the capabilities of the voice assistant, while users from Russia had only to wait. It became known back in February that Assistant would soon speak in Russian. Finally, the wait has come to an end: Assistant is now available in Russia.Google Assistant can finally be installed through the official Google Play and Apple App Stores. Of course, the fact that Assistant is now available in Russia means that it finally has Russian language support. However, the name of the application translated into our language raises some doubts.It is reported that not everyone can install the novelty yet. Judging by the reviews of users, for many of our compatriots the application is still inaccessible. According to one of the most widespread opinions on this subject, to install the assistant, the system settings must specify the language "Russian; Russia". In any case, according to some sources, by the end of the week Google Assistant will be available for all users from Russia, provided they have a supported mobile device.