Google Chrome will block automatic video playback with sound

23 March 2018
Good news for Google Chrome users. The next browser update will be released soon, which will bring the long-awaited feature of blocking automatic video playback with sound.It seems that after the release of the update, you will forget about unexpected sounds from speakers when surfing the web. Chrome version number 66 will include a very extensive list of criteria that a particular site must meet in order for auto-playing videos with sound not to be blocked. At the same time, the number of requirements promises to be so high that users of Google's browser will hardly be bothered by unexpected sounds from open tabs. Recall that a similar feature has already been implemented in Chrome version 64. However, previously it was necessary to stop autoplaying manually. Now, the browser will do it automatically. The new version of Google Chrome 66 with autoplay locking function will be available for users next month. Anyone who wants to try the innovation as soon as possible can be recommended to install the current version of the browser and keep an eye out for updates.