Google Photos has learned to recognize pets in photos

18 October 2017
Google Photos has become even more convenient for those who love animals or keep them at home. The fact is that the service has learned to identify pets in photos and automatically group them.The new feature works in the same way as with photos of people. First of all, images of pets will be grouped using a special algorithm. Also, the program will tag them with a special name. And photos will be located in the "People & pets" folder. The innovation will eliminate the need to write "Cat" or "Dog" in search to find images of your pet. But in case the user has a lot of pictures of different animals, the program will still help to go faster to the right photo. To do this, you can enter the breed of the animal into the search. By the way, the search itself has also been improved and now allows you to search for dogs and cats by entering an emoji with the corresponding animal. It is worth adding that the update has only just begun to spread, but will be available to all users in the coming days.