Huawei is preparing to introduce breakthrough technology for smartphones

22 May 2018
Profile resource iFeng, with reference to the head of Huawei's consumer division, Richard Yu, spoke about the new technology, which the Chinese giant will present as early as this year. According to the company's management, it will be a real breakthrough in the field of smartphones. Despite the fact that the representative of the company did not say what this technology will be, he described it as "scary". According to Richard Yu, the innovation could turn out to be a software tool that can significantly improve the performance of previously released smartphones. According to the information published by iFeng, the "scary technology", which will be a real breakthrough in the field of smartphones, will start to be implemented very soon. Most likely, it will be launched along with the release of a new gadget line Honor already by the end of 2018. It is worth adding that Huawei is not stingy with investments in its development and research division. On the contrary, in this respect, the company is one of the most "generous" in the world. Last year, around $14 billion was spent on research, and in the next 10 years, the company's management plans to allocate $10 billion annually for this purpose.