Intel processors are vulnerable to another vulnerability

23 May 2018
Intel representatives announced the discovery of a new vulnerability in the company's processor security system. It resembles Spectre in many ways, so it is called "the fourth version of Spectre".The discovered vulnerability affects the majority of modern architectures. It means that all Intel processors, released in the last few years, are at risk. As with the previously disclosed vulnerabilities, the new Spectre variant exploits problems with a pre-emptive (or speculative) instruction execution mechanism and allows an attacker to read arbitrary data, outside the trust boundaries. It is reported that the vulnerability can also be exploited remotely, for example through browsers using JavaScript code. However, no such cases of exploitation of variant 4 have been detected yet. Intel representatives announced that the company along with a number of its partners are going to release BIOS and system software updates to patch the vulnerability. The corresponding patch is due to be released in the next few weeks.