Huawei P20 survived a fall from 21 floors

23 October 2018

In the Chinese social network Weibo, which is an analogue of Twitter, one of the owners of Huawei P20 shared a photo of his smartphone after its fall from the 21st floor.

The pictures show that the smartphone, which fell from a height of 50 meters on a paving stone, was badly bent. Also, the screen and the back of the device, quite expectedly, shattered and the main camera is out of order. Strangely enough, this is where the list of breakages ends.

According to the owner of Huawei P20, the device turns on, and also without problems work Bluetooth modules, Wi-Fi and even face recognition system. Of course, the idea of operating the gadget in such a state looks very doubtful and the smartphone requires at least a serious repair, if not a complete replacement, but preservation of performance after a fall from a height of 50 meters can boast not every gadget.

The results of the spontaneous crash test, of course, are impressive, but it is not recommended to repeat them at home.