University of Oregon engineers unveil Boston Dynamics robot competitor

28 February 2019

It is expected to become a competitor to Boston Dynamics robots.

This robot is called Digit. It can carry loads weighing up to 18 kg. The Oregon State University engineers' invention resembles a human being in that it has a pair of arms and legs. Digit is able to catch an object if it falls and pick up things weighing up to 18 kg.

Digit новый робот-курьер

The robot courier has been compared to Boston Dynamics' Atlas, an athlete robot capable of jumping over itself.

Digit has a specific design and came out a little more technologically advanced with a torso, arms, legs and sensors responsible for all sorts of processes. It is based on the Cassie robot.

Digit perfectly navigates in space and decides faster how to act in difficult situations, for example, on stairs or in front of a lot of obstacles.

According to the developers, they expect the robot to be useful not only in parcel delivery, but also in entertainment. Digit can deliver food from restaurants, and then the need for human couriers will decrease.

The robot will go on sale in April 2020. How much Digit will cost will be known this year. It is noteworthy that the robot will be able to buy both individuals and organizations.