How to build a powerful budget PC? Answered by the experts

01 July 2019

Every year hardware prices go up, but the needs of users do not change. Everyone wants to build a powerful machine without paying two salaries for a computer. How to do it? We learned this from the experts.

We are a video production studio "Collby". Since 2014 we have been producing animated videos of different complexity. The computer is our main working tool, our "workhorse", without which we can't do anything. Every year projects become more complex, they require more computing power. That is why there is a constant need to upgrade the computers used by the studio. Accordingly, our employees are always in search of some new solutions that would meet the needs.

We regularly review the computer "iron" market. In 2019 the optimal platform for computer assembling for the specialists engaged in editing, video production, compositing and 3D graphics is LGA 2011 platform. It has sufficient performance for use in various areas of computer graphics production, and the purchase of components is cheaper than solutions presented in the mass market. Nowadays it is safe enough to order directly from China suppliers. It is repeatedly tested by various experts and is reliable. You can also find information on its specifics on the web.

The LGA 2011 platform uses multi-threaded Intel Xeon processors. These are server processors that were previously used in media servers in China and are now available in a wide range at very competitive prices.

Their performance on workloads is still on par with about the top-of-the-line modern user solutions. For example, in terms of simulation inside the Cinema 4D program the win of Xeon E5-2690 over Rizen 1700X reaches 30%. There are many such examples, all achieved through quality optimization of popular software for Intel platform.

LGA 2011 motherboards are also massively present on the Chinese market. Together with a properly selected cooling system, computers based on these motherboards perform well in the mode of uninterrupted operation.

Also a big plus of these motherboards and the platform LGA 2011 as a whole, compared to users' solutions, is a four-channel server RAM controller. The server memory has the same characteristics as the mass solution, but in cost two times cheaper than it. If you consider the fact that for the workstation required minimum is 32 GB of RAM. Savings seem substantial. On the market in China, such server memory is presented in a large number of variations.

In conclusion - one of the most important elements of the workstation is a video card. The necessary technologies that are used in production processes are present only in the lines of NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards. Therefore, the choice is limited. It is graphics cards based on NVIDIA GeForce processors provide adequate work of almost all work programs and plug-ins. In addition, when using graphics cards from other manufacturers, problems with drivers may arise.