Snap has introduced the second generation of Spectacles glasses with a camera

27 April 2018
Snap Inc., known for its self-destructing messenger, Snapchat, has introduced a second, more comfortable and functional generation of its sunglasses with a camera.Some differences between the models can already be seen at first glance. The new Spectacles have lost the yellow ring that encircled the camera. Otherwise, we can note that the weight of the glasses has been reduced by almost a third, which, together with the reduction in thickness of the device, will contribute to more comfortable wearing. In addition to external improvements, the new Spectacles model can also boast other innovations. The Spectacles Eyeglasses now not only record video but also take photos. The Spectacles have a dual microphone for better sound quality and water protection, which allows you to take the gadget to the beach or to the pool. It is worth noting that the camera on the gadget allows you to shoot 10-second clips and upload them to your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. At the same time, the video is transferred directly to the Snapchat app. Curiously, it is impossible to secretly record a video clip: when you start recording, LEDs on the frame light up. On a single charge, the device is able to record and transmit up to 70 videos of up to 30 seconds. To synchronize with a smartphone, it is no longer necessary to scan the QR code. Now it is enough to link the devices via Bluetooth and press the shutter button for 7 seconds. The second generation of Spectacles will be $20 more expensive than its predecessors and will cost you $149.99. Curiously, U.S. buyers can purchase glasses with prescription lenses instead of sunglasses.