Apple devices banned from mining cryptocurrency

13 June 2018
It's no secret that in order to increase revenues, many developers add cryptocurrency miners to their apps. Of course, this has a negative impact on users' devices, including battery life and overall performance. It seems that the owners of Apple devices will soon be able to forget about these inconveniences.The fact is that the Cupertino giant recently published new rules for app developers. In paragraph 2.4.2 of this list, it was previously stated that developers are required to create cost-effective applications that will not overly burden the processor and quickly drain the gadgets. In the new version of the rules, a clarification has appeared. Now, developers are prohibited from adding the ability to run third-party background processes to apps, including for mining. In addition, the new rules prohibit apps with access to cryptocurrencies from paying to perform any tasks, such as downloading and installing any software, or publishing posts on social networks.