A new crypto-cracker, Bad Rabbit, has been discovered that could cause a major epidemic

25 October 2017
"Kaspersky Lab has reported the spread of a new crypto-ransomware called Bad Rabbit. A number of Russian media outlets and Ukrainian companies have already been affected by the malware, and the list is growing.It is reported that the malware attack targets primarily corporate networks. According to the preliminary analysis, the spread occurs through a number of infected Russian media sites. Nevertheless, ESET specialists stated that Bad Rabbit spread among transport companies and state institutions of Ukraine. In particular, the Kyiv subway, Odessa airport, Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, as well as the editors of Interfax and Fontanka were attacked. Having penetrated the computer, Bad Rabbit encrypts user files and demands a ransom to unlock them. The amount the victim must pay is 0.05 bitcoin, or approximately 15,700 rubles. It is known that the Bad Rabbit attack uses the same methods that were used in the case of another notorious encryptor - Petya. Nevertheless, the connection between these attacks has not yet been confirmed. Despite the fact that most victims of the new malware are located in Russia and Ukraine, reports of infection are also coming from Turkey, Bulgaria and several other countries. Due to the threat of a large-scale epidemic, all users are advised to install reliable anti-virus, such as Kaspersky Anti-Virus or ESET NOD32, and to follow basic Internet safety rules.