Pixel 2 owners complain about strange noises

24 October 2017
Surely many people have heard about the problem with the rapid burnout of OLED screens on the Pixel 2 devices. Unfortunately, this trouble was not the only one associated with the gadgets from Google. Many happy owners of the new "Pixel" began to complain about the emergence of strange sounds during the operation of smartphones.On a special page on the support forum about the detected problems has already announced more than a hundred people. In particular, many owners of new smartphones from Google complain about the clicks and high-frequency sounds coming from the gadget. Despite the fact that the bulk of reports about the problems comes from the owners of Pixel 2, the problem occurs on the version XL. It is reported that in some cases, turning off the NFC helps get rid of clicks, but how to combat the high-frequency sound - is not yet known. According to reports from users, Google for some time carried out the replacement of defective gadgets with new ones. However, pretty soon it turned out that the devices that were issued for replacement, still have the same problems. Thus, all owners of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL gadgets are advised to wait for the release of the official fix, which should be released in the coming days.