New payment service Pay with Google launched

24 October 2017
It seems that online shopping will soon become even more convenient. Google has launched another payment service called Pay with Google. The main feature of the new payment service was the ability to make payments from debit or credit cards linked to a Google account through Google Play, YouTube, Chrome, or Android Pay. In addition to the card data, the merchant will also receive additional information specified in the user's account, which eliminates the need to manually fill out forms. For example, in this way you can instantly specify the shipping address when buying online.It is reported that to try out the new features of the American IT-giant can be in applications for Android, as well as when visiting websites through the browser Chrome. At the moment, support Pay with Google can boast a small number of services such as DoorDash, Dice, Yelp Eat24, Fancy, Gametime, Hotel Urbano, Instacart, Kayak, Postmates and Wish, but their number will eventually grow. For example, support for Airbnb and Papa John's is expected to be introduced in the near future.