A new phishing attack was detected that imitates the mailing of notifications about fines of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate

23 June 2017
Information about a new phishing attack appeared on the web. It is aimed at Internet users from Russia.It is reported that this time the attackers began to send fake messages about traffic police fines. In this case, such letters contain a photo of the car committing a violation and a note about absence of viruses. However, the main reason why some users fall for their trap is that notifications are designed to look like messages from the government services portal. Despite the fact that the letters are really free of viruses, they still pose a certain danger. The thing is that when a user clicks on a given link, he is redirected to a page where he is invited to pay the fine with a 50% discount. In some cases, this is enough for unsuspecting victims to hand over their bank card data to cybercriminals. It should be noted that this is not the first time when the portal "Gosuslugi" has attracted the attention of cybercriminals. In order not to become their victim, it is recommended not to click on suspicious links in the network. As for the above-mentioned phishing mailing, instead of paying for the work of criminals, we recommend that you first check the availability of fines, independently visiting the site of the traffic police or the portal of public services. In addition, in such cases, you can check information via Yandex.Fines, Road Traffic Fines from Reactive Phone Ltd., Road Traffic Fines from Tinkoff, or a number of other verified services.