Snapchat has a new feature that allows you to share your location with friends

22 June 2017
Those who are used to communicate with family and friends using Snapchat will be pleased to learn about another innovation in the messenger. The fact is that the developers from Snap Inc. have introduced in their product the function "Snap Map", which allows you to easily share your location with interlocutors.Using the new feature is very simple. In order to find out the location of your friends, you just need to zoom out in camera view. After that, a map will open on which all contacts who have decided to share data on their location will be marked as Bitmoji. It is reported that the function of displaying your position on the map can be disabled in the settings. Nevertheless, those who will not do so will not have to worry about increased power consumption. The fact is that the "Snap Map" feature only works when Snapchat is running and does not track the user's location in the background. The innovation has already been officially launched and the corresponding Snapchat update for Android and iOS will soon be available for everyone.