Opera released a new mobile browser, optimized for one-handed operation

26 April 2018
Surely, many people often find it difficult to operate a smartphone with one hand. For the sake of convenience of work or viewing some content on a large screen, in many cases we have to sacrifice the comfort of operation. It seems that the company Opera Software has found a way to smooth such inconveniences when working on the Internet.The company has released a new mobile browser, called Opera Touch. Its main distinctive feature is optimization for one-handed use, which makes it comfortable to use even on gadgets with a large diagonal screen. It is reported that the developers had to create a browser from scratch, so as not to modify the interface of existing products. Opera Touch launches immediately in search mode. In this case, the program supports both the keyboard input of the request, and the voice search, and also provides the ability to scan QR and bar codes.In order to make the management of the browser as convenient as possible, there is a button for quick access FAB at the bottom of the screen. It allows instant access to the latest tabs, the search function and other functions of the program. At the same time, the button will always be on the browser screen.But this is not the end of the nice features of the browser. The program has support for the Flow function. It is designed to help you quickly exchange data between the mobile and desktop versions of Opera browser, without having to enter any usernames or passwords. All it is necessary to do to establish a safe connection is to scan the QR code, generated in Opera browser for PC, by means of Opera Touch. After this, the user will be able to easily transfer links, images, video, notes and many other things between the devices. Only the owners of Android gadgets can test the new browser from Opera. Those who prefer iOS will have to wait a little.