Photoshop has acquired a camera with artificial intelligence

07 November 2019

Adobe is preparing several products for the portable device segment at once. The other day the company announced the release of an updated Photoshop graphic editor for IPhone, iPad, and Android-based mobile devices.

The new product for smartphones is called Adobe Photoshop Camera. As the name implies, it's not just an editor, but a camera, which is involved in the creation of an optimal graphic image already at the stage of shooting. The camera, based on artificial intelligence, selects the appropriate effects and filters even before the picture is taken. And you can apply them to your frames. Unsuccessful effects can be undone and favorites can be added to your favorites list. In addition, the application includes editing tools, including light correction and perspective distortion.

Photoshop for iPad is designed to work with PSD files on portable devices. The developers promise almost complete identity with the desktop version of the editor. The main difference is the touch interface. You can learn how to use it with the help of the built-in tour and video tutorials.

The release date for the iPad editor has not yet been announced. The release of the mobile application Adobe Photoshop Camera is scheduled for 2020, but the preliminary version of the product is already available for testing on the project website.