Xiaomi smartphone users complain about the increased number of ads

19 September 2018
It seems that the latest firmware update on Xiaomi smartphones will not be the most pleasant. The fact is that after installing new versions of the proprietary shell MIUI users begin to complain about the increased number of ads. Despite the fact that Xiaomi smartphones have had ads before, many users were not ready for such a number of them. Thus, the first complaints about the "innovation" appeared on the social news resource Reddit. One user, after installing the update MIUI to version 8.9.13 on one of his smartphones noticed that there were more ads and they began to appear more often.It is worth noting that after the restart, ads began to appear in the music player and other pre-installed applications. But we could still turn a blind eye to this, because not everyone uses the software installed on smartphones "out of the box". Much more unpleasant is the fact that ads appeared even in the settings of gadgets. Interestingly, Xiaomi representatives have not yet commented on the introduction of additional advertising in the firmware.