The social network VKontakte now allows you to delete your messages from interlocutors

15 December 2017
Surely everyone is familiar with situations where messages are sent to the wrong people by mistake or, even worse, there are embarrassing typos in the text. VKontakte users can finally forget about such embarrassments. The fact that a team of developers of the social network has launched a new opportunity to delete messages, both for themselves and their interlocutor.Earlier, when a user deleted a message, it disappeared only from his own correspondence history. Now, thanks to the new feature, everyone will be able to erase the history of correspondence for all participants of the conversation. To use the new feature, you need to select a message, click on the trash icon and select "Delete for all". However, there are some limitations. You can delete only those messages that were sent no more than 24 hours ago. The innovation is already available to all comers and you can try it out in the full version of the site, or in the messenger on its mobile version. The improved message deletion function will reach Android and iOS apps a little later.