Specialists told about the huge number of viral apps on Google Play

06 June 2019

According to information from experts, a large number of malicious programs have been found in Google Play. If a user downloads them to his or her smartphone, the device is likely to fail soon. This applies to smartphones with the Android operating system.

In total, the experts have found 238 applications that can negatively affect the operation of the smartphone or break it at all.

The conducted research showed that the users have downloaded dangerous programs more than 440 million times.

Специалисты рассказали об огромном количестве вирусных приложений в Google Play

Which of the most famous applications are among the viral ones? This is, for example, the virtual keyboard Emojis Touch Pal. It contains the BeiTaAd plugin, which is dangerous for smartphones. It's an adware that can run ad windows even if the gadget is locked. This plugin doesn't activate immediately but only after a few weeks of downloading.

The problem is that over time the application with this plugin starts to clog the memory on your smartphone. It can also drain the battery faster. These two factors quickly destroy the device.

At the same time, it is rumored that all the programs are developed by the Chinese company CooTek.