A pre-installed virus was found in Android smartphones

10 June 2019

Google found a Trojan in Android smartphones. Hackers installed it in the phone even before activation.

The virus pre-installed in smartphones is called Triada and refers to the type of Trojan viruses.

В смартфонах Android обнаружен предустановленный вирус

Cybercriminals embedded the virus in smartphones even before they were activated. That means that already at the production stage the Android phones were infiltrated with malware, infecting them before activation. Google detected the virus. Hackers installed on smartphones programs designed to place ads on the device, as well as sending spam. The attack was carried out with the help of third-party software providers.

How exactly the hackers interacted with software developers and installed the virus on Android smartphones is unknown. At the same time, there is information that the hidden virus could get into the gadgets during production or during the download of updates. Which smartphone manufacturers were affected by the Triada Trojan attack was not specified.