Chromium-based third-party mobile browsers can no longer sync data with Chrome

25 January 2017
Recently it became known that developers from Google closed access to Chrome Sync API for all third-party browsers based on Chromium. It seems that we can't wait for this situation to be fixed any time soon.Back on January 3, the first entries about the inability to sync data from third-party browsers on Android with Chrome appeared in the Chromium bug tracker. So far, users have tried all possible solutions for the problem and waited for help from the developers, but they only said that the function was intentionally blocked. According to the developers, access to the Sync API was denied to all mobile browsers on Chromium, except Chrome itself, due to another vulnerability discovered. Of course, rumors started to spread among users that the real reason for blocking such an important function for many was the developers' desire to make using third-party browsers based on the engine developed by Google less attractive. The main argument in favor of this theory is a large number of Chromium-based browsers with a built-in ad blocker, which cannot but affect the company's revenue.Whatever the motives of Google developers, all we have to do is either switch to Chrome browser or wait for a possible fix, which may not come at all, since, according to company representatives, official Chrome Sync support for third-party browsers was not available before.