Telegram will soon support audio calls

19 January 2017
Telegram, created by the founder of the social network VKontakte - Pavel Durov, is still one of the most popular messengers, even despite the lack of voice calls. It seems that the developers set a goal to catch up and introduce such a popular function to their product. Rumors about possible implementation of audio calls support in Telegram have been circulating for quite a long time, but they have only now received confirmation. In his Twitter account, Pavel Durov encouraged one of the users who expressed hope for the appearance of support for calls and change of design themes in the messenger. Screenshots of the respective tweet were instantly spread all over the Internet and were seen by many as evidence of the long-awaited feature.It should be added that Telegram owes its popularity mainly to the high level of protection of user messages from interception. The introduction of such a demanded and popular function as voice calls will definitely make it even more attractive for new users, especially considering that back in 2015, the developers announced the creation of a new encrypted voice transmission technology. While the possibility of changing the design themes has already been implemented in the recently released new version of the messenger, the approximate time frame for audio calls in Telegram is still unclear. At the same time, one Reddit user discovered a hidden ability to make calls already in the beta version of the messenger under the number 3.16, which means that the wait is not long.