Cellular operators in Russia have launched eSim checks, despite the ban

15 April 2019

Operators have begun to test eSim. Many federal media outlets report this, citing representatives of mobile operators.

"Rostelecom is a virtual operator based on Tele2. It has tested the equipment of several companies to implement eSim.

According to a representative of the project office of Rostelecom, the work in the test mode was a success. The device with eSim managed to send all the data required for registration in the network.

Tele2 has also successfully completed testing of eSim. The mobile operator already has an algorithm for launching the new technology.

В России сотовые операторы запустили проверки eSim, несмотря на запрет

However, it should be noted that FSS, Megafon, VimpelCom and MTS opposed the introduction of devices with eSim in Russia. It is believed that SIM-cards built into smartphones and "smart" gadgets will bring losses to communication salons. The decision was also supported by the Information Protection and Special Communications Center of the Federal Security Service. Therefore, eSim in Russia, even despite the successful tests, cannot work yet. The system is prohibited by law.

But despite all the tests eSim can not yet work in Russia, because the system is prohibited by law.