In "apple" laptops usual keyboard will be replaced by a glass keyboard

01 February 2019

In the new generation MacBook the keyboard will be protected from dust and various other interfering elements. Apple will replace it with a glass panel.

The new MacBook keyboard will look like a glass sheet with convex parts in the key areas. The principle of operation is that when you click on the convex section sensor keyboard responds to the applied force, as in a conventional keyboard.

Стеклянная клавиатура на Mac Book

The information appeared the day before. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has published a patent application called "Computer with Keyboard". It describes a new glass keyboard.

The patent describes that the keys of the keyboard will flex slightly when touched. The bottom layer of the keyboard will return the key to its original position. The new keyboard looks a bit like a telephone or tablet keyboard. Whether it will be convenient to type on it is not yet known.

Мак бук со стеклянной клавиатурой

On a glass sheet, from which the keyboard will be made, the characters of the keys can be put on an additional display at the bottom of the laptop. This makes it very easy to change the layout for a different language. In addition, the side sections can serve as a touchpad along with the elements of the keyboard.

Запатентованная Apple стеклянная клавиатура

The new keyboard, as described, will be much more comfortable, its mechanism will be protected from contamination. The use of glass sheet will make the keyboard thinner, which will make the laptop itself thinner.