Dota 2 has a new battle royal format mode

10 May 2018
The company Valve added to the popular Dota 2 Battle Pass, timed to The International 2018. For the standard set of compendium will have to pay 630 rubles, while the mega-set with level 75 will cost already 2300. At the same time, the developers announced a number of innovations. So, now players can stand in line for a match, indicating the desired role in the team and the desired line. It is interesting that on each line in any case will be available to all the characters.However, the main new feature can safely call the game mode Cavern Crawl, or "Caverns of the Wasteland. It is a kind of "battle royale". In it, teams of three players have to wade through a maze full of monsters to get to the rare cheese Roshan. Of course, in this they will be hampered by enemy teams. The complexity of the action adds to the fact that as you move through the maze, behind the backs of the players will happen landslides, closing escape routes. The last surviving team wins the match. It's worth noting that access to the new game mode can only owners of Battle Pass The International 2018. In addition, the game has received a number of other innovations. For example, for achieving Battle Pass level 190, users will receive modified creep models on the lines. Read the full list of innovations in Dota 2 can be found on the official website, or in the game itself, after the purchase of the Battle Pass.