Xiaomi promised a wireless charging station

26 February 2019

Xiaomi was among the first to introduce wireless charging into the ranks of its devices in the near future.

At MWC 2019 in Barcelona, Qualcomm showed its proprietary technology. This time we are talking about wireless charging. The invention is called Quick Charge.

Qualcomm Quick Charge reduces energy loss, minimizes the possible heating of devices and at the same time maintains the charging speed. Such wireless chargers will work with Quick Charge 2.0, 3.0, 4 as well as 4+ adapters.

Xiaomi пообещала выпустить беспроводную зарядную станцию

Some major smartphone companies are already using their proprietary wireless charging technology. Manufacturers have had an option on how to use such a device. Users have also become more trusting of such devices, as they stopped worrying about excessive heating of the smartphone, provoking its slow performance.

Qualcomm has said that it has tested the device's compatibility with the well-known Qi standard, so the firm's wireless charging will support both Qi and Quick Charge.

The introduction of wireless charging on the market, by the way, we will not have to wait too long. Xiaomi said that they have plans to create such a certified charging station.