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Fox Manager Business Processes

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Fox Manager Business Processes Fox Manager Business Processes is a convenient and efficient tool for building a process model of an enterprise. For modeling business processes the program uses a simple and clear Basic Flow Chart notation. Built-in automation tools allow you to automatically generate interaction diagrams and top-level processes. All graphic business process diagrams can be exported into text editors and printed out.You can also generate reports on functions, processes, interactions and document usage. A generated report on personnel responsibilities can be used as a counterpart to a job description. The integrated system of access distribution by business process categories allows you to configure the program for use in network mode. The program also has built-in tools for database backup and spell check in Russian, Ukrainian and English. Fox Manager - a program for those who value their time and looking for a modern and efficient tool for quickly and competently build the structure and process model of the enterprise. The program helps managers to quickly create a functional model of enterprise management and exclude all possible errors in the creation of such a model. Fox Manager - a network program, in which multiple users can operate simultaneously. Another advantage of the program is implemented distribution of access. In Fox Manager FM, particularly in the processes section you can access each group of processes separately. This means that each area manager can build their process model absolutely independently.


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