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Web2RSS Proxy Web2RSS Proxy allows you to retrieve news from websites in RSS format even if the site does not support this feature. Web2RSS Proxy transforms a web site page by selecting the necessary information from it to create an RSS feed.

Web2RSS Proxy allows you to flexibly configure the RSS feeds you are creating by inspecting the original page. You will be able to view the RSS channels created in any RSS reader you like (GreatNews, Feedreader, Thunderbird, Opera).

Program basic features: Supports unlimited number of RSS channels. You can create unlimited number of channels and get quick access to descriptions and configuration of channels. Easy configuration of RSS channels. The program allows you to create an RSS channel in a convenient and accessible way in a minimal number of actions, automatically determining most of the parameters of the created RSS channel and allowing the user to set any parameters of the created channel. Automatic detection and filtering of advertising blocks in the page. The program automatically filters out news that do not pass selected criteria. Automatic detection of page design changes. It automatically detects changes of the page view and tries to adapt to a new one. RSS Comments API support. It allows creating RSS feeds with feeds for comments on news. This allows tracking new news comments in the RSS Reader, if it supports this functionality (like GreatNews). Notifications of errors and important actions. The program notifies the user about errors in channels and other important actions with tooltips. Support for restricted sites. The program allows you to create RSS feeds for sites with limited access, using the system web browser.


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